Teaching our Pug to Mtn Bike….Really!!!

To celebrate “May is Bike Month” we started biking with Bilbo, our Pug.  We love biking and want him to get comfortable on a bike so we can take him more often we we go mountain biking.  Now at first I thought it would be in his best interest to ride with me.  Its not that we do anything too hard.  Its just that i am more confident and stable.  Well, the good news is Jill and Bill were fine.  The bad news is, i went head over heels.

It was just stupid and lazy riding.  I was busy riding ahead on our local trails, Rocktown Trails in Hillandale Park.  Then jumping off and waiting for Jill and Bill to come down the trail.  Anyway, I was riding past Jill and looking at her and leaning over the front wheel and hit a rock dead on.  The front wheel stopped dead, but the back wheel decided to continue on down the trail and I ended up in the middle–upside down.  Several bounces later, up i got.  No breaks just a sore left leg.  Worst part is that the Gopro was OFF!!!

Like our first paddle of the year, Paddling the North Fork where we went over in the first decent white water, over I go in the first real biking of the year.  O well.  Crashing and burning before trips seems to be my habit.  Two years ago I broke my arm in May about 8 days before a planned fourth dive trip to Cozumel.  Then about 8 years ago I hit a deer on my motorcycle and ended up with Fib/Tib break and a blown up foot and ankle just 7 days before a Hawaii trip.  Our daughter is soon to get her wings flying USCG Helicopters and we are traveling to Florida in a few weeks for that so an accident is overdue at this point!.

Back to a biking pug…  We have ridden mtn bikes in Colorado, Maine, Virginia, a few other states out west.  We like biking, and are in one of the best places in the U.S. to mountain bike.  However, it’s rocky and mountainous.  While the “mountains” are not towering, the trails are often steep.  And the single tracks are usually very narrow.  While Jill is fearless on the road bike–she flies down hills that make my legs shake and powers up hills that make me cry–she is a tentative trail rider.

So it’s a challenge to find trails that are at our level and that we can enjoy.  Even more challenging to find trails that we would feel comfortable packing a pug.  Anyway, it was great fun.  Bill has gotten pretty used to it and now enjoys riding.  For those who want to know, we have a Ruffit Dog Carrier (not trying to sell this) that seems to fit our dog pretty well.